Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area including the cities of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Glendale, Long Beach, Santa Monica & West Hollywood.

Sidewalk Canopies

  • Our sidewalk canopies protect the public from any potential falling debris during new construction, façade repairs, maintenance or the demolition of a building.
  • We provide canopies that meet City building code requirements.
  • Expediting of City Permits is available upon request.


  • We can provide scaffolding on top of our sidewalk canopies (or stand alone) to complete stucco and façade repairs, roofing and general maintenance on a building.

 Pedestrian Tunnels / Store Entrances

  • Tunnels provide a safe access route for pedestrians and allow access from one area to another during live construction work phases.

Working Decks

  • Working decks provide a safe platform to perform façade and ceiling work, access to fire sprinklers and lighting.


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